Tim Hortons

CIWA works with over 150 business partners each and every year, and these partners make a significant impact in our community – by volunteering their time, their knowledge and insights, their space, or offering employment to newcomers in Calgary.

For the month of April, we would like to sincerely thank Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian Brand, and is Canada’s largest restaurant chain serving over 5 million cups of coffee every day. Tim Horton’s provides over $60 million per year to organizations and communities throughout Canada, and invests in community projects and initiatives big and small!

Tim Hortons has been working with CIWA since the start of the Food Service Training Program in 2014. CIWA’s program instructor visited Tim Hortons during curriculum development for the program. Our program partner, Pearl Hystad, has provided CIWA with materials that the class uses to simulate customer service and food preparation during training.

CIWA is proud to have Tim Hortons as one of our long term business partners. Tim Hortons has been an engaged community partner with the Food Service Training Program at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association since its beginning. Tim Hortons provides restaurant tours, employment, guest speaking and mock interview opportunities to our clients, and have assisted more than 375 clients to date. Tim Hortons has employed 36 clients at various locations around Calgary, and 5 of them have been promoted to team lead or supervisory positions within the organization!

Thank you, Tim Hortons, for supporting the economic security of immigrant and refugee women in Calgary and for making our community stronger!

To learn more about Tim Hortons, please visit their website at www.timhortons.com.