Newcomer Services

Parents, Seniors & Youth

We provide programs and services catered for immigrant parents, seniors and youth to help all family members transition smoothly in a new country.

Family services include:

  • Parenting related information and support
  • One-on-one counselling for girls and older adults
  • Afterschool based programs for girls
  • Leadership skills program for young women
  • Mental health supports for the immigrant women ages 50+
  • English classes for immigrant men and women ages 50+
  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Social clubs for immigrant women ages 50+
  • In-home support for parents with children under 18 years old

“CIWA’s parenting program is very useful for me and for my family. It helped my children make a good life in Canada and us as a family to be successful and happy here in Canada.”

– CCPP Participant

After School Homework Help for Immigrant Girls

After School Homework Help for Immigrant Girls is a program that supports the academic success of low income immigrant girls in high school.

Mindfulness Support for Immigrant Seniors

The program aims to promote the wellbeing of immigrant seniors and enhance their ability to cope and recover from the adverse effects of the COVID19 pandemic using mindfulness-related principles and practices.

Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women Program

The program helps immigrant women and girls achieve full and equal civic participation in Canada.

Peer-to-Peer Support for Senior Immigrants

The program offers activities in small groups to help seniors (men and women), who are immigrants, ages 55+, engage in the community and connect with their peers in order to create an inclusive social network based on common interests and increase confidence, mental and physical wellbeing.

Cross Cultural Parenting Program

The program helps immigrant parents cope with parenting challenges in a new country and culture.

Grandma’s Kitchen

This project assists the isolated senior immigrant women to enhance their ability to effectively communicate and contribute their skills to the communities they live in.

In-Home Support Program

The In-Home Support Program assists immigrant and refugee families in Calgary with children between 0 and 17 years of age to overcome issues around family violence, parenting, etc.

One-on-One Counselling for Immigrant Women

The program provides immigrant women (including seniors and youth) with the opportunity to become involved in the community and develop a sense of belonging.

Pathways to Success

The project serves immigrant girls between the ages of 14 and 21 as mentees to enhance their career readiness through a yearlong career focused mentorship.

Youth Program

The program empowers immigrant youth to get involved in the community and reach their full potential.