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Program Description

The Youth Program at CIWA is a transformative and empowering initiative that focuses on the holistic development of immigrant youth, providing them with the necessary tools, skills, and support to actively engage in their community and unlock their full potential. Through a comprehensive range of activities, mentorship, leadership development, and connection to resources, the program aims to foster personal growth, social integration, and positive youth engagement.

The program recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities faced by immigrant youth and is designed to address their diverse needs. By nurturing their talents, building their confidence, and encouraging their active involvement in community initiatives, the program empowers youth to navigate their new environment with resilience, adaptability, and a strong sense of belonging.

Program Details

  • Leadership development and public speaking skills
  • Self-esteem and teambuilding activities
  • Educational and recreational field trips
  • Youth Standing Committee (forums, discussions and event planning opportunities)
  • Girls Culture Club (peer discussions about racism, identity and self-confidence)
  • Counselling and mentoring support

Eligible Clients

The Youth Program is open to all immigrant youth between the ages of 10 and 19, including those who are Canadian citizens and aims to serve as a comprehensive support system for their personal, educational, and social development.

Additional Program Information

  • The program is offered in junior high and senior high schools in Calgary
  • The program is also delivered at select Calgary Housing Company complexes
  • Program activities take place during lunchtime and other critical hours
  • Immigrant youth are connected with employment opportunities
  • Youth Cultural Summer Camp is offered in July and August each year
  • First language support is available.

The Youth Program at CIWA aims to empower immigrant youth by providing a comprehensive range of opportunities and support. By fostering their personal growth, leadership abilities, cultural pride, and social engagement, the program equips youth with the skills and resilience necessary to navigate the challenges of adolescence, thrive in their new community, and embrace their potential as future leaders.

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