Kerby Centre

CIWA works with over 150 business partners each and every year, and these partners make a significant impact in our community – by volunteering their time, their knowledge and insights, their space, or offering employment to newcomers in Calgary.

This month, we would like to highlight Kerby Centre and its commitment to provide valuable activities, programs and services designed specifically for those who are age 55+. Kerby Centre is a charitable organization that offers programs and services in Calgary and Medicine Hat. Their latest Strategic Plan continues to explore the ways they can fulfill their mission to support older adults to live well in their community.

Kerby Centre has been working with CIWA’s Links to Young Adult Employment Program since 2015 and recently started collaborating with CIWA’s Companion Training project in 2021. Through these partnerships, Kerby Centre offers employment and work placement opportunities to many immigrant women. To date, Kerby Centre has provided Canadian workplace experience to 21 clients and has hired 5 women after completing their practicum placement.

Thank you, Kerby Centre, for supporting the economic wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women in Calgary with work placement support and for making our community stronger!

To learn more about Kerby Centre, please visit their website at