Newcomer Services

Gender-Based Violence & Mental Health

Gender-based violence is one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations. It affects everyone, and it costs Canadians a lot to deal with the aftermath each year.

There are many resources available for individuals to address the impacts of gender-based violence and to offset the costs of violence related to social, health, justice, employment and community supports. As a society, we can help survivors by believing them and supporting them in their journey towards coming back to life. 

CIWA provides gender-based violence prevention and intervention supports and invite everyone – from employers to community members – to join our initiatives on the Collaborative Action Towards a Society Free of Gender-Based Violence.

Gender-based violence and mental health supports are accessible to women, men, youth and seniors. 

Tips for Online Safety and Signaling Help

Violence Intervention and Prevention Resources

Become a Champion for Victims of Family Violence

A resource page on supporting those who are impacted by family violence.

Collaborative Action Towards a Society Free of Gender-Based Violence Community

The project addresses the need for a customized multi-pronged approach to breaking down barriers that perpetuate gender-based violence and inequality among immigrant women.

Employment Security Alliance for Vulnerable Immigrant Women

An information portal designed to help individuals and employers recognize and respond to domestic violence disclosure in the workplace.

Mental Health Supports

CIWA’s mental health supports offer culturally-responsive services to immigrants and refugees dealing with issues that impact their mental health and relationships with family members.

We offer the following services that help foster harmonious relationships among families:

  • One-on-one supportive counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Cross-cultural parenting and grandparenting sessions after conflict
  • Individual and group discussions on healthy relationships, emotional regulation, communication skills, rebuilding self-esteem, and much more.

Counselling Supports for Immigrant Families (Chestermere)

The program provides culturally sensitive counselling supports to Chestermere residents

Social Recovery and Wellness of Immigrant Women Project

Delivered in partnership with Alberta Mindfulness Association (AMA), the project supports the social recovery of vulnerable immigrant women, impacted by family violence and/or poor mental health as a result of the pandemic

Family Conflict Prevention Program

The program provides professional, culturally-responsive counselling for immigrant women and their families who are experiencing family, domestic, gender-based and/or intimate partner violence, relationship problems, abuse and trauma.

One-on-One Counselling for Immigrant Women

The program provides immigrant seniors and youth with the opportunity to become involved in the community and develop a sense of belonging.

Rapid Access Counselling

Rapid Access Counselling provides your family with a supportive, change-focused conversation at the right time.

Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addiction Issues: A culturally sensitive approach

Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addiction Issues project ensures that immigrants and newcomers are able to identify and seek support for addiction issues impacting their lives and build their resilience.

Victim Supports Outreach Program

Victims’ Supports Outreach Program for Immigrant Children, Youth and Families Affected by Family Violence (VSO) provides outreach support services for immigrant children, youth and families experiencing family violence.