Gender-Based Violence & Mental Health

CIWA’s Gender-Based Violence & Mental Health Program is specially designed keeping in mind the increasing violence towards the specific gender in the society.

We help the immigrant and refugee families by providing them the necessary culturally sensitive support in:

  • Preventing conflicts
  • Dealing with mental health issues
  • Fighting addiction related issues

We also help the victims of the violence and celebrate the champions who have been a victim of family violence.

Champions for Victims of Family Violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations and has risen significantly during COVID-19. 

Family Conflict Prevention Program

The program provides professional, culturally-sensitive counselling for immigrant women and their families who are experiencing family, domestic, gender-based and/or intimate partner violence, relationship problems, abuse and trauma.

Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addiction Issues: A culturally sensitive approach

Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addiction Issues project ensures that immigrants and newcomers are able to identify and seek support for addiction issues impacting their lives and build their resilience.

Victim Supports Outreach Program

Victims’ Supports Outreach Program for Immigrant Children, Youth and Families Affected by Family Violence (VSO) provides outreach support services for immigrant children, youth and families experiencing family violence.