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Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women Program

Program Description

The program helps immigrant women and girls achieve full and equal civic participation in Canada.

Program Details

  • Civic educational sessions for immigrant families
  • Customized civic education for young immigrant women and girls
  • Overview of Canadian government structure
  • Train-the-Trainer course for volunteers
  • Volunteer presentations in community locations
  • Appropriate support with voting and exercising civic duties in Canada

Eligible Clients

The program is available for immigrant women who are permanent residents and refugees, as well as CUAET holders, with language and cultural barriers.

Additional Program Information

  • Basic and advanced civic engagement educational sessions based on clients’ needs
  • Adult and youth leadership programs and training
  • Volunteer facilitator training aimed at getting Canadian work experience
  • Train-the-Trainer course is offered three times a year (12 hours of unpaid training)
  • Volunteers receive honorariums for workshop facilitation
  • Youth learn public speaking skills through presentations at schools and in the community
  • Program manuals available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish, Russian, Tigrinya and Korean
  • Childcare is available (restrictions may apply)
  • First language support is available

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