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Immigrant Girls, Boys and More Program

Program Description

The program aims to strengthen social connections and increase support of immigrant youth by building individual capacity, increasing social ties, and improving emotional well-being/social competence.

Program Details

  • Healthy relationships group sessions for youth
  • One-on-One supportive counseling support
  • Career mentorship opportunities
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills development
  • Discussions around culture, values, consent, boundaries, dating and more

Eligible Clients

The program is available for all immigrant youth, between 14-18 years of age of all immigration status

Additional Program Information

  • The program is offered in junior high and senior high schools and community locations in Calgary
  • Immigrant youth are connected with employment opportunities
  • Youths learn how to balance their culture and values in Canada
  • Healthy Relationship group sessions are offered over a period of six weeks (one-hour sessions, once a week)
  • Referrals to other programs to help participants access additional supports
  • First language support is available

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