Juniors Foods Services

CIWA works with over 150 business partners each and every year, and these partners make a significant impact in our community – by volunteering their time, their knowledge and insights, their space, or offering employment to newcomers in Calgary.

For the month of July, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Juniors Foods Services, a family-owned business that has been servicing Calgary residents for more than 50 years. Juniors Foods Services was founded in 1971 as Juniors Cafeteria and has shown success in a variety of concepts over the last 5 decades.

Juniors Foods Services and its subsidiary companies are now the largest franchisee of New York Fries and South St. Burger Restaurants under their respective brands. As of 2022, Juniors Foods Services now runs 9 New York Fries locations (8 in Calgary and 1 in Lethbridge), 7 South Street Burger restaurants, and 1 Ice Cream concept, La Diperie.

Juniors Foods Services started its partnership with CIWA’s Food Service Training program in early 2021. Over the past year, Brayden, Director of Operations at Juniors Foods Services, has provided tremendous support to the program by participating in mock interview practices, presenting job search/interview/job retention presentations, providing a virtual store tour, hiring a number of our clients, and giving vouchers and coupons to our graduates.

Through this collaboration, CIWA and Juniors Foods Services bridge the gap for immigrant and refugee women with work experience and relevant skills necessary to enter the Canadian workforce. Juniors Food Services has supported 16 clients on mock interview and has hired 6 clients.

Thank you, Juniors Food Services, for supporting the workplace readiness of immigrant and refugee women in Calgary and for making our community stronger!

To learn more about Juniors Foods Services, please visit their website at www.newyorkfries.com & www.southstreetburger.com.