Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association truly believes in volunteerism and the potential of all women. Volunteers are a precious resource to our agency and allow us to promote and enhance our services. The mission of the Volunteer Program is to empower immigrant women through volunteering and recruiting exceptional volunteers to support CIWA’s programs and services. Why do you volunteer for CIWA?

Volunteer of the Month

Every year, CIWA volunteers tirelessly provide thousands of hours of support for immigrant women and their families in Calgary. Without their support and contribution, CIWA would not be able to run the day to day activities of the organization. CIWA recognizes the hard work and outstanding efforts that our volunteers contribute every day to our programs and services through our Volunteer of the Month Initiative.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

CIWA Board of Directors: Governance, Finance and Human Resources Committee

CIWA is looking for between two and four volunteers to join three of our Board’s standing Committees. Our valued Committee Members typically volunteer to spend 5-10 hours per month on activities to safeguard and optimize CIWA’s governance, human resources, and finance & risk practices.

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Mentor (Links to Young Adult Employment)

Volunteers will be matched with an immigrant woman who is looking to enter the Canadian labor market. The volunteer’s role will be to guide, mentor, and encourage the participant to find an appropriate job for her skills and professional goals. The time commitment is 10 hours minimum; 1-hour mentorship per week from July-September and/or Jan-March.

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Girls Culture Club In-School Support

This program addresses the needs of young immigrant, refugee and visible minority girls between the ages of 10 and 19 through education, cultural awareness and successful integration. All CIWA volunteers are required to provide a Calgary Policy Services security check as well as a Child Welfare Intervention Check.

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Support in the following languages is needed:

Amharic, Kurdish, Oromo, Somali, Tigrigna, and Turkish.

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Youth Mentor

This program enhances intercultural understanding and provides youth with opportunities for personal growth and community involvement through one-on-one and group sessions. It is offered as a means to inspire youth to become engaged in their communities through a mentor/mentee relationship. All CIWA volunteers are required to provide a Calgary Police Service Intervention Record Check.

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55+ Craft Group

This program provides immigrant women with the opportunity to socialize and discuss age-related topics while knitting/crocheting and doing other craft projects. All CIWA volunteers are required to provide a Police Information Check. The Volunteer Program will provide a support letter to applicants who do not already have PIC results.

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