Newcomer Services

Coordination of Services and Referral

Program Description

The program helps families navigate the Family Resource Network and connect families to services, programs and resources available in Calgary based on their needs.

Program Details

  • Conducting intake, needs assessment, protective and risk factor assessment/survey of immigrant and new Canadian children, youths and parents seeking services
  • Facilitating client referrals and follow-up with clients and spokes to ensure client referrals have been completed and supports and services requested are being accessed
  • Providing immigrant and new Canadian children/youth/parents families seeking access to services and resources with information and orientation on all services available in Calgary to address their unique needs
  • Providing information and orientation sessions to agencies working with immigrant and new Canadian children, youths and parents regarding prevention and early intervention services offered through the FRN
  • Supporting partnering organizations (spokes) in identifying resources available for caregivers, children, youths and families
  • Connecting clients to appropriate spoke services offered in the Family Resource Network that is delivered by formal and informal partners
  • Eligible Clients

    The program is available for all immigrant families, grandparents, and care givers of all immigration status with children between 0 and 18-years of age.

    Additional Program Information

    • Referrals to other Family Resources Network Hubs and Spokes in Calgary based on the needs of the clients
    • Referrals to other agencies in Calgary to help with access to additional supports
    • Referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional support
    • First language support is available
    • Free childcare support is available

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