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To order any of the publications listed below, please contact CIWA at: 403-263-4414 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workplace Essential Skills Toolkit: Numeracy and Working with Others for Low Skilled Learners

The toolkit is designed to support low skilled learners, their service providers and employers. Numeracy tools support the enhancement of mathematical concepts needed in the workplace: basic math, money and sales, time and schedules, and weight, measures and portions. Working with others tools help build skills in: communication, organization, personality and culture, and teamwork. The tools within the kit can each be used as independent items in classrooms and/or counseling settings.

Supporting the Economic Security of Unpaid Caregivers Project Resource Guide

Supporting the Economic Security of Unpaid Caregivers Project Resource Guide is intended for caregivers and their family members. It was developed to support Caregivers and their economic security. The guide provides resources in the areas of health, housing, income, transportation, respite care and special needs. The Resource Guide is available in English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish and Tigrinya.

Passport to Canada: English Language, Literacy and Life Skills Preparation for Refugees

Passport to Canada: English Language, Literacy and Life Skills Preparation for Refugees program was built around the principles of adult learning and adult ESL education. The Passport to Canada program model was developed with intent of exploring the language, literacy and life skills needs of refugees while honouring their strengths and channeling the resiliency and perseverance that helped them survive their refugee experience to build new and successful lives in Canada. This curriculum was developed from this starting point.

Workplace Essential Skills Toolkit: Digital Technology for Low Skilled Learners

The toolkit is designed to support low skilled learners and their service providers. The digital technology curriculum, both teaching units and activities, support the enhancement of digital skills needed in the workplace: basic computers, tablets, online training, smartphones, debit/credit card readers, cash registers including kitchen display and digital weigh scales. The curriculum is supported by opportunity for local service providers to book associated equipment.

Alternative Childcare for Immigrant Women Project Manual

The Alternative Childcare for Immigrant Women research project sought to address childcare issues that immigrant mothers face when working shifts outside of the traditional hours that are serviced by day care centres and day homes.

Diversity Manuals

This collection of Diversity Manuals was designed to engage all stakeholders who work with the low literacy immigrant women population either from the perspective of an employer, service provider or as a client needing guidance to find employment. The production of these manuals was made possible through funding from Citizenship & Immigration Canada. The collection consists of 3 manuals: An Untapped Labour Source (a useful resource for employers); Calgary Reflections (designed for all stakeholders) and Sara Learns and Works in Calgary (a visual guide for low literacy immigrant women).

English Language Learning for Everyone: Resource Manual for Teachers with Struggling English Language Learners

This resource manual was written for teachers and administrators who are looking for ways to support struggling learners in adult ESL programs. Produced with funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the manual will be a helpful resource for thinking of ways to create inclusive learning environments and to provide teachers with some practical tools.

Cross Cultural Parenting Program (CCPP) Resource Manual

The CCPP Resource Manual was designed to support the cross-cultural parent education program that assists immigrant and refugee parents facing the added challenge of parenting in a new country and culture. The manual is for Facilitators to use as a guide in working with parents and for parents participating in the program.

Healthy Relationships Project

The project is a collaboration between Calgary Sexual Health Centre and CIWA to foster equality and reduce discrimination related to gender and sexual health. Through funding from the Alberta Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, the project developed, piloted and evaluated the sexual health curricula customized for immigrant women, parents and youth.

Customer Care for Housekeepers: Training Materials for Hotel Housekeeping Staff

This resource is the product of a one year project funded by the Government of Canada’s Human Resources and Social Development Department. It was developed to respond to Essential Skills training needs identified by project staff and our partner employers. This resource has been written for use by housekeeping supervisors and other hotel staff responsible for staff training.

Ready to Go: Training Materials for School Bus Drivers

This resource is the product of a one year project funded by the Government of Canada’s Human Resources and Social Development Department to enhance the skills of immigrants and others in entry level positions in the service industry. This curriculum aims to take training on the non-driving skills out of the bus, into the office or classroom, so students can build their skills in a more comfortable, less stressful environment.

Proud Women Project

Proud Women project actively engaged senior immigrant women with immigrant girls in the community. Through the project, senior immigrant women shared their experience and wisdom with youth who in turn recorded their stories. These stories can be found in the Proud Women: A collection of stories book. Copies of the book are available for $30.

Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women Program

The following resource manuals were produced as a result of the Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women project, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Calgary Foundation and Human Rights Citizenship and Multiculturalism Education Fund. These manuals are a resource for immigrant women wishing to learn more about civic participation and community activism. A glossary of terms is available HERE

Breast Health Manual

The Breast Health Train-the-Trainer Manual was designed to support the trained facilitator’s of the Breast Health Initiative for Newcomers project funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Prairies-NWT. The manual was created to enhance the capacity of trained facilitators and to use it as a guide to educate other women in their communities about breast health and early detection practices.

Educational Curriculum Manual: Employment Training for Low Literacy Immigrant Women

This resource manual was written for teachers and administrators looking for employment training resources suited to immigrants with limited literacy. Produced with funding from Status of Women Canada, the manual will help administrators design a suitable program and relevant curriculum for those facing multiple barriers to employment. The model described is very accessible, flexible and supportive of the target population and combined with an appropriate curriculum brings success to the lives of literacy learners.

Essential Skills Employment Training Videos

These essential skill employment training videos support immigrant women with limited education to enhance their decision-making skills during their job search and while on the job. We welcome immigrant women in Calgary seeking employment to contact us to find out how we can help them build their skills.

Applying for a job in person
Decision Making
Making Choices
Think Before You Speak

Healthy Living Cookbook

This cookbook was produced as a result of the “Healthy Living: Preventing Type II Diabetes in Immigrant Women and their Families” project, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The recipes are a compliation from a variety of participants in the program.

Knowing Your Literacy Students: Curriculum Guidelines and Cultural Manual

This curriculum and cultural resource manual was produced as a result of the “Knowing Your Literacy Students” project, funded by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills. The manual presents a customized lesson plan for teaching non-literate students. It is designed to enhance student-teach relationships by increasing teachers’ cultural knowledge and sensitivity to foster respectful communication in the classroom.

A New Home for Malik by Cheyenne Steffen

A story for both children and adults to read about Malik and his experience in his new home in Calgary. The book is written in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Cross-Cultural Parenting Resource Manual 2nd Edition 2005

A manual designed to assist immigrant parents address the challenges they face parenting in a new country and culture. Now in its 2nd edition, the manual’s content is comprehensive and practical for both professionals working with immigrant populations as well as parents participating in the Cross-Cultural Parenting Program.

YES (Youth Education Strategy) Manual

The YES Manual is a resource for service providers working with immigrant and refugee female youth on issues related to violence.



A collection of quotes and stories from women who have found their way to CIWA

A Small Collection of Folk Tales from around the World

Folk tales depicting different heritages and cultures contributed by CIWA clients

Life, Love and Letters Anthology: Stories by and for Immigrant Women

A collection of short-stories written by immigrant women in Calgary

From our Kitchen to Yours”

A collection of recipes from the New Friends and Neighbourhood Group program

Eating for Life: Preschool Nutrition

Brochure available in ENGLISH, ARABIC, CHINESE, and PUNJABI

AIDS/HIV Information for You

Brochure available in ENGLISH, CHINESE and SPANISH.

What Young Children Do

Related Publications

Hope Beyond the Bruises By Pauline Ngure

A native of Kenya, Pauline endured ten years of humiliating torture from a violently abusive husband and the complacent Kenya police. She was given assylum by the Canadian government after the government of Kenya would not protect her and her children from her husband.

The Agony of Somalia’s Civil War by Mohamed M. Bakayr

A book about the Somali Civil War that broke out in the late 1980’s bringing about the immeasurable misery that Somali society has undergone. The book services both as a factual piece of history for those who have not experienced the brutality of civil war, and a memoir for the ones who have survived.