Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd.

CIWA works with over 150 business partners each and every year, and these partners make a significant impact in our community – by volunteering their time, their knowledge and insights, their space, or offering employment to newcomers in Calgary.

For the month of August, we would like to sincerely thank Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd., who has established itself as the local leader in cleaning services, janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. Their goal is to leave no stone unturned so homes are spotless. They have professional cleaners who have received extensive training to make sure that they apply the proper techniques to make homes more sanitary, hygienic and healthy and meeting the expectations of the clients.

Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd. has been working with CIWA since 2019, offering employment to graduates of our Modular Training Program, which equips immigrant and refugee women with the skills needed to enter the workforce as commercial cleaners, housekeepers or kitchen help. To date, Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd. has hired 18 of our clients, and continues to offer employment opportunities to CIWA graduates.

Mr. Prince Akpomudje, the owner of Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd. has been an amazing employer to work with. He has been very understanding with our clients, and has invited our trainees onsite so they can form a good understanding of what’s involved when working in a commercial cleaning business.

Thank you, Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd., for supporting the economic security of immigrant and refugee women in Calgary, and for making our community stronger!

To learn more about Dulux Building Maintenance Ltd., please visit their website at www.duluxltd.net.