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Everyday English for Seniors

Program Description

The Everyday English for Seniors program focuses on enhancing the English language skills of immigrant seniors, both in oral and written communication. By strengthening their English proficiency, seniors gain the confidence to actively participate in their integration process in Canada. This program empowers them to navigate daily interactions, engage in conversations, and express themselves effectively in the English language.

Program Details

  • English language communication skills enhancement: The program is specifically designed to enhance participants’ English language skills, with a particular focus on improving their ability to communicate and express themselves fluently and accurately in English.
  • First language support: Recognizing the importance of providing a comfortable learning environment, first language support is available to assist seniors in their understanding of English language concepts and facilitate a smoother learning experience.
  • One-on-one support: Seniors receive personalized one-on-one support from qualified instructors, who provide individual attention, address specific language needs, and offer guidance tailored to each participant’s learning journey.
  • Community resources information: Participants receive valuable information about community resources available to support their integration process in Canada. This includes information on healthcare services, housing options, social support systems, and other essential resources necessary for seniors’ well-being and successful settlement.
  • Field trips: The program offers field trips that provide practical opportunities for seniors to apply their English language skills in real-life situations. These trips enable participants to engage with the local community, practice their English, and gain confidence in their language abilities beyond the classroom setting.

Eligible Clients

The Everyday English for Seniors program is open to male and female immigrants who are 55 years old and above. It is available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, refugees, and refugee claimants who may face financial barriers.

Additional Program Information

  • Classes are conducted online, providing flexibility and accessibility for participants.
  • Sessions are held Monday to Friday, with morning (10 am – 12 pm) and afternoon (1 pm – 3 pm) time slots available.
  • The program operates in two intakes: August to November 2022 and February to May 2023.
  • Participants may be referred to other CIWA programs for additional support based on their specific needs.
  • First language support is available throughout the program to ensure a comfortable learning experience for seniors.

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Everyday English for Seniors
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