Fast Track Employment Training for Immigrant Women

Program Description

The Fast Track Employment Training program for Immigrant Women offers 3 different trainings with individualized support and employment skills training. Women can select any 1 out of 3 trainings; Administrative Support Skills, Front-Line Customer Service Skills and Security Guard Training.

Security Guard Training

The Security Guard course will support you in attaining your Alberta Security Guard license.

Frontline Customer Service Training

The Frontline Customer Service course provides training in customer service techniques to deal with any situation, including telephone support, face-to-face, and dealing with angry customers.

Administrative Support Skills Training

The Administrative Support Skills course provides training for Administrative Assistant and related administrative jobs.

Additional Program Information

  • Full-time, fast paced and practical, job-oriented training

  • Participants are reimbursed for childcare and transportation costs

  • Computer skills training

  • Participants enhance networking skills

  • Individual job search support available for all participants

  • Follow-up support after program completion

  • Referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional support services

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