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Family Conflict Prevention Program

 Program Description

The Family Conflict Prevention Program offers professional and culturally-sensitive counselling services to immigrant women and their families who are facing challenges related to family dynamics, domestic issues, gender-based violence, intimate partner violence, relationship problems, abuse, and trauma. We provide a safe and supportive environment to address these complex issues and promote healthy family relationships.

Program Details

  • Culturally-sensitive individual, couples, and family counselling: Our experienced counsellors provide personalized counselling sessions tailored to meet the unique needs and cultural backgrounds of our clients. We focus on fostering understanding, healing, and resilience within the family unit.
  • Emotional support for clients: We offer empathetic and compassionate emotional support to individuals and families, helping them navigate difficult emotions and build coping strategies to manage the challenges they face.
  • Workshops and support groups: We organize workshops and support groups that provide valuable insights, practical skills, and a sense of community for participants. These sessions offer a platform for learning, sharing experiences, and connecting with others who may be going through similar circumstances.
  • Community resource referrals and advocacy: Our program includes providing referrals to community resources and services that can further support our clients’ needs. We advocate on behalf of our clients, ensuring they have access to the appropriate resources and assistance.
  • Emergency housing support: In situations where immediate safety and housing are a concern, we offer emergency housing support to help our clients find secure and supportive accommodations.

Eligible Clients

The Family Conflict Prevention Program is available to all immigrant women, men, and their families aged 14 years and older, irrespective of their immigration status. We aim to provide inclusive and culturally-sensitive support to individuals and families facing these challenges.

Additional Program Information

  • The program assists immigrant women, their spouses and families
  • We offer culturally-sensitive assistance with family conflict and domestic violence issues
  • Clients receive support in their first language if needed
  • Referrals to other CIWA programs help clients access additional support services
  • Clients and their partners receive support with parenting and self-confidence
  • The program is offered in community locations
  • Client confidentiality is maintained at all times
  • Childcare is available (restrictions may apply)
  • First-language support is available

If you need help in the evening or weekend, please call:

  • Distress Centre (403) 266-4357
  • Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter (403) 234-7233
  • Sheriff King Home (403) 266-0707
  • Calgary Police Service Non-Emergency (403) 266-1234
  • Calgary Police Emergency Services 911

With the Family Conflict Prevention Program at CIWA, we strive to empower immigrant families, promote healthy relationships, and provide the necessary support to overcome family conflicts and violence. Our program is designed to address the unique needs of each individual and family, fostering healing, resilience, and the building of harmonious family relationships.

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Family Conflict Prevention Program
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