Newcomer Services


Settlement and Integration Services at CIWA offer essential support and assistance to ensure a smooth transition and adaptation for our clients in Canada. Our programs focus on providing immigrant women with access to vital resources, including:


  • Information and Community Resources: We provide comprehensive information and connect clients to various community resources, ensuring they have access to important services such as healthcare, housing, education, and social support systems. We understand that having the right information is crucial for successful settlement and integration.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: We offer volunteer opportunities to help clients build connections, gain valuable experience, and contribute to the community. Volunteering not only enhances their skills and networks but also fosters a sense of belonging and personal fulfillment.
  • Legal and Financial Support: Our services extend to providing legal assistance to address immigration-related concerns and ensure clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, we offer tax services and financial literacy training to empower clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage their finances effectively.
  • Community Engagement Groups: We facilitate community engagement groups where clients can connect with others who share similar experiences. These groups provide a supportive environment for social interaction, cultural exchange, and mutual support, fostering a sense of belonging and social integration.

Through our Settlement and Integration Services, we strive to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our clients, enabling them to adapt and thrive in their new lives in Canada.

“CIWA is an amazing place and has a lot of good services for all immigrants here in Calgary. Thanks for all the help and information you provided to me. It helped me a lot and my experience was excellent.”
– Settlement client

Filipino Community Development Program

The program helps members of the Filipino community in Calgary integrate into Canadian society.

Find Me a Home Project

Find Me a Home provides temporary accommodation to multi-barriered immigrant/refugee women who are fleeing abusive situations by providing emergency and temporary accommodation for them and their children in a motel or hotel for a maximum of 3 nights stay until stable housing is established.

Intake, Settlement and Referral Services

The program helps immigrant women access services and resources in the community.

Integration Program

The program helps immigrant women access services and resources in the community.

Legal Clinic

This program provides clients with family and immigration related legal support in collaboration with Calgary Legal Guidance.

New Friends and Neighbourhood Groups

The program helps immigrant women living in different areas around Calgary practice English and build friendships.

Pre-Employment Skills Program

The program equips immigrant women with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary for a successful job search.

Volunteer Program

The program provides opportunities for community members to become CIWA volunteers.