Workforce Development for Immigrant Women Project

Project Description

This project funded by the Government of Alberta developed an assessment tool to evaluate the competencies of low to mid-skilled refugee and immigrant women for sales and service jobs. This tool was developed with employer input and guidance to address workplace skills gaps and labour shortages.

This tool will help:

  • Assess – identify skill levels
  • Train – customize/match training
  • Work – gain/retain jobs

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ASSERT – Assessment for Sales and Service Employment Readiness Tool

This is an employer-informed online employment readiness assessment tool designed to help immigrants and refugees more easily transition into the workforce by identifying their skill levels in 5 key skill areas based on the Canadian Skills for Success Framework: Reading, Numeracy, Digital, Communication (Listening), and Adaptability.

Skills for Success provide Canadians with everyday skills needed for work, learning, and life. Improving them will help you succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace.

Sales and service industry occupations include but are not limited to retail, hospitality, warehousing, food service, customer service, and office administration.

Assessments are available for Entry-level Workers and Retail Sales Supervisors.

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