Workforce Development for Immigrant Women

Project Description

This groundbreaking project, funded by the Government of Alberta, is dedicated to workforce development through the successful development of an assessment tool specifically tailored to evaluate the competencies of low to mid-skilled refugee and immigrant women seeking sales and service jobs.

With a primary focus on addressing workplace skills gaps and labour shortages, this meticulously crafted tool, developed in collaboration with employers, ensures its effectiveness in assessing and enhancing the capabilities of these individuals.

This tool will help:

  • Assess – identify skill levels
  • Train – customize/match training
  • Work – gain/retain jobs

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ASSERT – Assessment for Sales and Service Employment Readiness Tool

We are excited to introduce an employer-informed online employment readiness assessment tool designed specifically for immigrants and refugees. This comprehensive workforce development tool aims to ease their transition into the job market by evaluating their skill levels in five crucial areas based on the renowned Canadian Skills for Success Framework.

These areas, including Reading, Numeracy, Digital Skills, Communication (Listening), and Adaptability, play a pivotal role in securing success in today’s dynamic job market. By focusing on improving these essential skills, individuals can enhance their prospects and excel in both current and future workplace environments.

Tailored to cater to the sales and service industry, encompassing diverse occupations such as retail, hospitality, warehousing, food service, customer service, and office administration, our assessments provide targeted insights and recommendations.

Whether you are an entry-level worker or aspiring to become a retail sales supervisor, our tool offers customized assessments suitable for your specific needs and career aspirations.

Our ultimate goal is to empower job seekers, particularly immigrants and refugees, by bridging the gap between their existing skills and employer expectations.

By providing valuable insights and recommendations, we aim to facilitate the seamless integration of immigrants and refugees into the Canadian workforce, unlocking new opportunities for success and growth. Embrace this innovative workforce development tool and embark on a transformative journey toward a fulfilling career.

Assessments are available for Entry-level Workers and Retail Sales Supervisors.

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