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Social Recovery and Wellness of Immigrant Women Project

Program Description

Delivered in partnership with Alberta Mindfulness Association (AMA), the project supports the social recovery of vulnerable immigrant women, impacted by family violence and/or poor mental health as a result of the pandemic. It uses through an innovative service delivery model that utilizes technology and mindfulness principles and practices to promote mental health and well-being.

Program Details

    • Customized mindfulness curriculum designed to meet the needs of immigrant women impacted by gender-based violence and/or poor mental health
    • Mindfulness Hut experience to promote mindfulness practices among clients
    • Front line staff training on incorporating mindfulness techniques in their work with vulnerable populations

    Eligible Clients

    Available to all immigrant women, including Canadian citizens

    Additional Program Information

    • Free access to Mindfulness Huts at CIWA during work hours
    • 8-weel Mindfulness workshop series
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Referrals to services

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