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Learn About Domestic Violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations and has risen significantly during COVID-19. Data indicates that marginalized communities experience disproportionate rates of gender-based violence due to structural discrimination and systemic forms of oppression.

Gender-based violence affects everyone, and Canadians collectively spend a lot to deal with the aftermath each year. There are many resources available to address the impacts of gender-based violence on individuals and to offset the costs of violence related to social, health, justice, employment and community supports. As a society, we can do a lot for survivors by believing them and supporting them in their journey towards coming back to life.

Learn More About Family Violence

CIWA aims to raise the awareness of employers and community members about family violence among immigrant women. These resources will enhance viewer knowledge and ability to recognize signs and respond to disclosures of family violence. Contact our Family Conflict Prevention Program for further information and support: 403-263-4414 or

Family violence can show up in many ways. In this video, Amira Abed talks about the different forms of abuse and the various ways abuse can manifest itself.

Family violence varies for every person and relationship. In this video, Bela Gupta, talks about the common warning signs of abuse and how we can be part of the person’s natural supports.

Domestic violence affects everyone, including employers and coworkers. Let’s work collectively to take action on domestic violence! In this video, Ayodeji Adetimehin talks about violence as a social and workplace issue.

Humaira Falak, ‘Empowering Resilience’, as she shares her journey in overcoming the obstacles after experiencing violence.

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If you are in immediate DANGER or fear for your safety, please CALL 911.

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