Youth Forum 2024

16 Feb, 2024

We are delighted to share an exceptional turnout at the recent event hosted at Genesis Centre, wherein over 600 individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities convened to celebrate and extend support to our youth. This remarkable gathering witnessed the participation of a wide array of stakeholders, ranging from parents and educators to mentors and students, each contributing their distinctive energy and fervor towards the cause of empowerment and opportunity.

In recognition of their exemplary achievements, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the distinguished recipients of the Daughters Day Awards: Allysha Nolasco, Asiya Iskander, Elizabeth Olufowobi, Madina Azizi, and Tiana Yu. Their commendable efforts serve as a beacon of inspiration to all. Additionally, we commend the recipients of the Youth Mentorship Certificates, including Anbarin Omar, Ariam Berhana, Armita Mirshahi, and their counterparts, for their unwavering dedication and diligence.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our esteemed partners whose unwavering support and collaboration rendered this event possible. We extend our sincere appreciation to Bow Valley College, Calgary Library, Calgary Sports, Centre for Sexuality, CPAWS Southern Alberta, Making Changes Association, Minds in Motion, MRU, SAIT, United Way – Planet Youth, University of Calgary, WP Puppet, Women Owned Narratives, Youth Central, Youth Employment Centre. Your invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in fostering the success of this endeavor.

Furthermore, we wish to express our profound gratitude to Inspire Dance Studio and The Masses for delivering captivating dance performances, which infused the event with an unparalleled sense of energy and joy. Your artistic contributions were truly appreciated by all attendees.

In reflection of this remarkable gathering, we look forward to continued collaboration and collective efforts in nurturing and empowering the youth within our community. Once again, we extend our sincere appreciation to all participants and stakeholders for their unwavering commitment to this noble cause.