Angela was 17 when her family relocated from the Philippines to Canada. After finishing high school, she pursued and earned a Bachelor of Nursing, subsequently working as a nurse for several years. Currently, she is advancing her education with a Bachelor of General Science at MRU, aiming to deepen her understanding of the medical field.

During an online search for flexible volunteer opportunities that could accommodate her bustling schedule, Angela discovered CIWA. The role of a mentor perfectly aligned with her needs. Since the spring of 2022, she has contributed her time and skills across a variety of programs, such as the Pre-Employment Young Adult Career Mentor, Youth Mentorship Program, Immigrant Girls, Boys and More, and the Pathways to Success initiative.

CIWA staff have praised Angela for her exceptional commitment. She has spearheaded special events at her school, actively sought out new mentors, and even led a tour of MRU for CIWA’s youth, showcasing her dedication and leadership. Balancing her life as a full-time student and mother, Angela embraced volunteering shortly after the birth of her youngest child. Her resilience and optimistic outlook allow her to juggle these roles seamlessly, thriving amidst a busy schedule.

Her colleagues at CIWA regard Angela as nothing short of a superhero, admiring her vibrant personality and proactive approach to seizing every opportunity. Angela is deeply appreciative of the chance to positively impact young lives, especially those of newcomers facing cultural shifts, family responsibilities, and the complexities of university applications. She takes pride in guiding newcomer youth through these challenges, ensuring they feel supported in their journeys. Additionally, Angela is passionate about helping post-secondary students unlock opportunities for financial aid through scholarships, bursaries, and grants.


“Volunteering allows me to contribute to the world, even in small ways. It has enriched my life, honing my critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” Angela reflects.


By sharing her own experiences and lessons learned, Angela helps her mentees navigate their paths more smoothly. Together, they form a learning partnership, fostering a safe and encouraging environment for growth and exploration. Angela’s efforts have significantly enhanced CIWA’s capacity to support and empower more young individuals.

Her colleagues commend Angela for her unwavering dedication, effective communication, and adaptability. She infuses her work with unique insights, engaging in meaningful discussions on life, nature, and the impact of colonization on BIPOC communities.

Outside her volunteer work, Angela’s interests include personal development books, crime shows, medical dramas, road trips, and, of course, volunteering, reflecting her multifaceted passion for learning and giving back.