Celebrating 6 Weeks of Growth and Fun! 

16 Aug, 2023
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As the sun sets on another memorable summer, we reflect on the incredible journey of growth, friendship, and learning that unfolded during our Girls At Bat and Youth Cultural Summer Camp.

CIWA’s Youth Program, in partnership with Jays Care Foundation, offers Girls At Bat Program during the summer months for a duration of six weeks. This program is designed as an introductory-level baseball experience, specially to address significant barriers often faced by individuals identifying as girls when seeking access to and participation in sports.

Over the past five years, CIWA through Girls At Bat Program has successfully graduated more than 160 immigrant girls, each of them departing with a heightened sense of confidence and empowerment. In 2021, our Youth Program team collaborated closely with Jays Care Foundation, resulting in the prestigious Community Excellence and Spirit Award for outstanding client service delivery.

Fast forward to 2023, a remarkable opportunity awaits. CIWA has been granted an exclusive invitation to partake in the Ultimate MVP Experience, a testament to our enduring partnership with Jays Care Foundation. This experience serves as a celebration of the participants and coaches who have demonstrated remarkable dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to the Girls At Bat Program. From September 24th to September 27th, we are thrilled to embark on this extraordinary journey to Toronto, an experience that truly comes once in a lifetime.