Gina is from the Philippines and came to Canada in 2022 to reunite with her mother and sister, who had moved several years ago. Prior to relocating to Calgary, she worked as a Micro-Insurance Coordinator, in the healthcare industry, and as a wedding gown designer.

Shortly after moving to Calgary, Gina’s sister introduced her to CIWA. She felt honoured when the staff encouraged her to volunteer and considers herself ‘blessed and honored’ for being given that opportunity. As a volunteer with the Modular Employment Training Program, she supports in various capacities such as filing, compiling, printing, assisting with graduation events, and more. Additionally, she provides client and workshop support for the Filipino Community Development Program, where she helps with reunification workshops, contacts clients, assists with intakes, and more. Gina not only volunteers in these programs but also extends her support to various internal and external special events.

Gina’s face lights up when she talks about volunteering, and her presence brings a positive energy to the room whenever she comes to volunteer. She is grateful for the chance to help people, even in small ways, and appreciates the supportive and accepting environment provided by the CIWA staff. Being in a multi-cultural and diverse atmosphere, she learns from clients during every interaction.

Volunteering has been incredibly motivating for Gina, and it has helped her grow as a person, boosting her self-esteem. She loves being at CIWA and takes pride in being a contributing member of the organization, especially when she feels fully supported and appreciated by the staff. She values the trust the staff place in her, allowing her the freedom to implement her own organizational processes.

The staff praises Gina, describing her as patient, committed, helpful, flexible, eager, and willing to learn new skills. Her friendly demeanor has led to strong relationships with the staff, clients, and other volunteers. Everyone who comes into contact with her appreciates her passionate approach to delivering services.

Gina’s volunteering efforts have made a significant impact on the community. Her unwavering dedication and positive attitude drive her to go above and beyond in contributing her time and skills. Whether organizing paperwork, supporting individuals at events, or inspiring others, Gina’s passion for making a difference is truly inspiring. Her empathy and kindness shine through in every interaction, leaving a lasting impression on those who have had the privilege of working with her.

In her leisure time, Gina enjoys designing gowns, reading, writing stories, and seeking out new learning experiences.