Free training for Early Childhood Educators

22 Aug, 2023
Free training for Early Childhood Educators

Funded by the Alberta Government, CIWA is proud to announce a new free program aimed at supporting immigrant women to start or grow their careers as certified Early Childhood Educators.

The pilot project is designed to remove barriers and improve access to post-secondary early childhood education and other essential pre-employment training. This project will provide an opportunity for immigrant women to enter the labour market while also strengthening the licensed child-care sector.

CIWA will be partnering with Bow Valley College to provide level 1 and 2 early childhood educator training in three online streams depending on the students’ language and literacy levels. The virtual delivery model will enable customized training tailored to individual needs while also providing job placement services to clients. The training will be provided to around 230 immigrant women.

CIWA is excited to partner with the Alberta and Federal government to provide opportunities for immigrant women to grow their careers and strengthen the licensed child-care sector. We believe that access to safe, good quality, and affordable child care is critical to ensuring Alberta parents can return to work and foster economic growth in the province.

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