Mehrnoosh, accompanied by her husband and young daughter, embarked on a journey from Iran to Calgary in late 2022. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Information Technology (IT) and a background in Graphic Design, she quickly established herself in her field, transitioning from IT and customer support to a flourishing freelance career in graphic design. Her aspirations to dive deeper into graphic design and secure a full-time role in this realm drive her daily.

Motivated by a friend’s advice to enhance her resume, Mehrnoosh promptly delved into volunteering at CIWA. She completed the intake process as quickly as possible and was immediately placed as reception support. In this role Mehrnoosh greets clients and acts provides support to both clients and staff in a myriad of ways.

Mehrnoosh’s face lights up with enthusiasm when she speaks about her volunteer journey and its significance to her. Immersed in a diverse environment, she relishes the opportunity to understand the needs of newcomers and the importance of providing them with tailored guidance. Her words resonate with joy as she describes this experience as a “wonderful journey”. She emphasizes how volunteering has been a channel for acquiring fresh experiences and insights.s

The impact of volunteering on Mehrnoosh’s life has been transformative. It has acted as a catalyst for reducing stress and enhancing her overall well-being. Through her commitment to volunteering, she has not only gained insights into life in Canada but also garnered invaluable experience that she carries forward.

Mehrnoosh is happy to be volunteering where the mission and value and values aligns with her personal values. She acknowledges that CIWA is an impactful organization, boasting a diverse team whose valuable insights greatly aid a broad multicultural clientele. Sharing her volunteer journey with family and friends, Mehrnoosh embodies dignity and pride in her role. Her interactions with clients are intentional and purposeful, praised by staff members for their impact.

Mehrnoosh’s dedication does not go unnoticed by CIWA’s staff. She is a beacon of dedication, thriving in her role. Eager to absorb new knowledge, she continuously applies her newfound insights to her tasks. Staff also say she is respectful, generous, committed and is a team player and works well even under pressure.

Outside her vibrant volunteering life, Mehrnoosh finds pleasure in pursuits such as pottery, creating handmade crafts, staying active through exercise, and taking leisurely walks.