Find out how you can help Ukraine.

3 Apr, 2022
Find out how you can help Ukraine.

CIWA has mobilized the following efforts to support Ukrainian families as they arrive in Calgary:

CIWA’s services for Ukrainian families include:

To support Ukrainian families in Calgary, please call 403-444-1758 or email

CIWA collaborates with Ukraine Women Support Network:

CIWA has partnered with Ukraine Women Support Network to provide space, volunteer and staff support to help gather resources to help women and children in Ukraine. Current efforts are focused on collecting donations of everyday supplies for women and children as well as monetary donations.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate via and select “Act Now (Support the Women and Children of Ukraine)”
      • Proceeds will go towards purchasing supplies and directly to support the needs the women and children in Ukraine
  •  Drop off supplies for women and children at CIWA’s main office: 138 – 4 Avenue SE Calgary
      • Examples: diapers, feeding bottles, winter clothes for babies and children, feminine hygiene products, blankets
      • Supply donations will be shipped directly to a contact within Ukraine’s green zone sites. Shipping costs are sponsored by Meest Canada.
  • Help spread the word
  • Youth can help, too.
      • Create cards with hopeful and positive messages for children
      • Messages will be sent along with the packages

For inquiries, contact