Maleeka was a young girl when her family migrated to Canada. Her parents moved from Pakistan to provide excellent opportunities for their children. Maleeka is currently earning a Bachelor of Science from University of Calgary.

In the fall of 2021, Maleeka began volunteering by providing one-on-one mentorship support. She has been a wonderful and inspirational support to her mentee through the Immigrant Girls, Boys, and More program’s Career Mentorship. She is extremely dedicated, passionate, and committed to helping her mentee achieve their personal, career and educational goals. Through her time as a mentor, she has greatly impacted the skills, confidence and excitement of her mentee about her career journey.

Maleeka’s love of volunteering shines through when she shares her experience of providing one-on-one mentorship. She says she enjoys this specific role because she was matched with a ‘mini-version’ of herself. The transition from high school and into university can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, with which she enjoys being able to support her mentee.

“Volunteering in this capacity is unique, specific and gives me great fulfillment.”

When Maleeka first took the role as a mentor, she envisioned being able to lead and guide someone. What she didn’t expect was receiving a great deal in return! She says she thought she’d just make an impact on her mentee, but now she feels that her mentee has made more of an impact on her. She shares that this volunteer role is definitely a two-way relationship.

Maleeka is a positive role model for newcomer youth. She is confident, grounded and is working towards achieving her own career goals. She is a very compassionate and curious listener. She focuses on her mentee’s strengths when problem solving or giving career guidance. Whenever given the opportunity, she likes to help out in any way that she can.

Maleeka is an exceptional volunteer. Not only has she generously contributed her time and energy towards our program, but she has also expressed the impact and benefit it has had on her own confidence and career path. This program has given her an enriching experience that has encouraged her to pursue other mentoring opportunities through her university. Her supportive and considerate approach to mentorship is helping many young leaders.

Maleeka’s hobbies include reading, staying physically active and enjoying Calgary’s walking paths and parks.

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