WXN Top 100 Awards

3 Dec, 2020
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Canada’s Most Powerful CEOs, Presented by KPMG
Beba was one of the three Canadian Female CEOs recongnized as the compelling force behind their organizations

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B.E.d Chief Executive Officer

BIO: Beba Svigir has led the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association since 2006. She has a background in language and international development education, program/fund development, diversity and governance. Beba is committed to enhancing the lives of newcomers through a two-way street model, where participants play equal roles in promoting the benefits of immigration. She shares her passion for gender equality and equity through engagements in national and provincial initiatives, research projects and policy development.

ON MOTIVATION: Making a positive difference for immigrant women we serve and contributing to the community.
GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: That immigrant women today have better opportunities than I had when I came to Canada.
POWER SONG: “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga.

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