Meet Ayushi. She is a volunteer in the Youth Program and is December’s Volunteer of the Month.

At the young age of 5, Ayushi moved to Calgary from India in 2010 with her family. She is currently a Grade 11 student and is an active member in multiple school clubs including track and field, debate, student advisory committee, writing competitions and more. She aims to combine leadership with volunteerism.

Ayushi volunteered in the Youth Program’s Summer Camp: Girls at Bat in 2020. She felt this volunteer position was a perfect opportunity for her to share her passion for fitness with the youth. She enjoyed talking about the importance of being active while supporting young immigrant girls who are in the process of integration in Canada.

Ayushi came with a lively energy every day, which helped elevate everyone’s mood. She led most of the breakout room sessions during the camp and staff clearly recognized how she motivated and brought positive energy that was necessary in order to engage CIWA’s youth participants.

Her continuous drive to try new things, brainstorm, and learn new skills impacted CIWA’s Youth Program and its clients in positive ways. Her personal drive for excellence encouraged youth participants to always push to learn new things. She served as a model for positive energy and she exhibited an encouraging attitude to youth participants and to staff alike. Her initiative and dedication are exceptional qualities that make her stand out, not only for summer camp, but in the entire youth program volunteers.

Ayushi was an invaluable part of the Youth Program’s summer camp because of her significant contributions and unique qualities. She is highly resourceful, reliable, an excellent team player, open-minded and consistent. She demonstrated strong leadership skills while upholding an unwavering interest in engaging the youth. She is an incredibly dedicated volunteer who values engaging youth in the community.

She spoke of her appreciation towards the incredible ways CIWA Staff led her during her time as a volunteer. The support she received empowered her to grow and develop personally and it also helped her to mentor and support the youth in the summer camp. She says she received the perfect direction from CIWA staff who put just the right amount of pressure on her to step out of her comfort zone, while being supportive as she was given freedom to select and develop activities for the youth participants.

Ayushi is thankful for the opportunity to have learned more about immigrant youth and to find creative ways to support and engage them online in Zoom. She enjoyed the challenges that come along with leading a group online vs in person.

Ayushi’s passion to continue being a role model to youth is what constantly drives her to keep doing what she loves doing. Among all the many youth, Ayushi stands out because of her leadership skills and warm personality. Her dedication in public service and the discipline and spirit she brings makes deserving volunteer of the Month.

In her spare time, Ayushi enjoys urban and contemporary dance, capturing the essence of people through painting, guitar, writing, and public speaking.

Congratulations, Ayushi, for being Volunteer of the Month for December!

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