Take a Stand – Journey Forward

8 May, 2023
Take a Stand - Journey Forward

Join the collaborative action!

CIWA invites all community members to join our #VictimsWeek2023 Campaign, “Take a Stand – Journey Forward”, to raise awareness for victims of violence and the supports available in the community.

This year, we are engaging our allies and champions for victims and survivors of crime to help bring to light digital abuse – a topic that has become increasingly relevant. Join us and make an impact on spreading awareness and promoting a positive change in our community.


During Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, May 14th to 20th, visit our social media pages to:

  • Share educational resources on abuse
  • Learn more about the forms of and protection against digital abuse
  • Hear from a lawyer speak about digital abuse
  • Tag CIWA or use #CIWA on your post about your stand against violence and abuse

Journey Forward – Join the WALKATHON 

 Join us on June 27th, Tuesday, as we Journey Forward towards the Bow River starting 1:00 pm. Team up (with your clients/colleagues) or join the CIWA team for a 15-minute walkathon from CIWA to Sien Lok Park.

Here’s the walkathon plan:

9:30 am – 11:00 am: Pick up your swags from 6th Floor Assembly Hall (swags are limited and for registered participants only)
12:00 pm: Wear the Journey Forward T-shirt
12:50 pm: Gather on the Main Floor/Foyer (prepare to leave)
1:00 pm: Walkathon starts (Destination: Sien Lok Park,1 St SE S/Macleod Trail and RiverWalk)
1:15 pm: Photos
1:30 pm: Return to CIWA
1:45 pm: Refreshments at 6th Floor Assembly Hall

Take a Stand - Journey Forward

Take a Stand with us and let’s raise awareness and encourage others to take action.

 Don’t forget to watch these two videos to know more about digital abuse.