Silpa was born and raised in India, where she earned a Masters in Commerce and later immigrated to the United States with her husband. They moved to Calgary in 2019, whereupon a friend suggested she connect with CIWA’s employment services for support. There, her counselor, recognizing her interest in finance, suggested that she volunteer at the Tax Clinic.

Eager to take advantage of the opportunity, Silpa began volunteering as a receptionist, where she swiftly adapted to her role and developed strong communication with clients. Her professional demeanor and excellent work ethic have earned her the respect of CIWA staff, who can now confidently rely on her to complete tasks with excellence, allowing them to focus on other responsibilities. At the Tax Clinic, Silpa assists clients with filing taxes accurately, tracking information and maintaining strict confidentiality.

She even goes above and beyond her role by taking extra shifts or adjusting her schedule based on special requests from staff. Volunteering at CIWA has been a rewarding experience for Silpa, as she has the chance to meet and engage with women from different countries and backgrounds.

Silpa enjoys volunteering at CIWA because of the diversity of services and clients served. She appreciates meeting women from different countries and engaging with various languages.


Diversity is one of the things that makes it exciting to come to CIWA as a volunteer. Every day brings new things that enhance my volunteer experiences. Through all the work and interactions with clients, I have learned fun ways to communicate with clients so that my communication skills have improved

Volunteering has brought Silpa happiness and satisfaction. At the end of each day, she feels a sense of accomplishment, she can say to herself: ‘I did something today’. She finds fulfillment in knowing that she is making a meaningful contribution with her time.

Silpa admits that she used to be shy, but volunteering at the reception desk has helped boost her confidence in speaking with others. It has pushed her out of her comfort zone and she learns something new every day. She is grateful for the knowledge she has gained about Canadian taxes and the ability to recognize different documents easily after volunteering with Tax Clinic.

Staff members praise Silpa as an exceptional volunteer. She is detail-oriented, punctual, reliable, and approachable. She requires minimal supervision, demonstrates intuition, and is accommodating to both staff and clients.

Outside of volunteering, Silpa enjoys painting, traveling, and exploring the mountains whenever possible. Being in nature brings her great joy and fulfillment