Download CIWA Health and Wellness App

18 Mar, 2022
Download CIWA Health and Wellness App

CIWA Health and Wellness app offers free Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy courses to help improve your mood and sleep!

“I have seen noticeable changes and improvement in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the project…”; “I strongly recommend this as it would benefit people all age groups.”

Download CIWA Health and Wellness app and start your mindfulness practice!  Android     |     iOS

What’s in CIWA Health and Wellness app?

    • Video Courses: Mindful Communication, Breathing & Sleep, Staying with difficulties, Acceptance
    • Audio Guide: Body Scan Practice, Dynamic stretching, Raisin Practice
    • Evaluation: Kassler Psychologic Distress Scale (K10)

“We have learned amazing stuff  and  perfect strategies in this program, like improving our sleep, managing our emotions, and mindful communication. This program made me overcome my sadness. I often teach my grandchildren the skills I learned from this program. I would like to thank CIWA for this helpful program.”