Thanking the Heart and Soul of CIWA: The Volunteer Appreciation Event

4 May, 2023
Thanking the Heart and Soul of CIWA: The Volunteer Appreciation Event

Volunteers are essential to CIWA and play a crucial role in our organization. We are incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated individuals who have generously donated their time, energy, and skills to support immigrant women in their pursuit of empowerment. Recently, CIWA held a volunteer appreciation event to recognize the invaluable contributions of our volunteers.

CEO, Paula Calderon, expressed her profound gratitude for the volunteers and emphasized the vital role they play in the success of CIWA. She thanked them for their dedication, hard work and selfless commitment to the organization. It was a fitting tribute to the invaluable service provided by our volunteers.

CIWA‘s volunteer appreciation event was a resounding success, with volunteers from all backgrounds coming together to recognize their hard work and dedication. CIWA provided a platform for staff, volunteers, and supporters to come together and celebrate their accomplishments, exchange stories, and create new connections.


CIWA is deeply appreciative of all our volunteers and their unwavering dedication to service. We were honored to recognize their successes at the volunteer appreciation party, and we are eager to continue our collaborative efforts to positively impact the lives of immigrant women and their families.