CIWA’s 41st Annual General Meeting: Such A Success

26 Jun, 2023
CIWA's 41st Annual General Meeting: Such A Success

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our 41st Annual General Meeting, held on June 21st at Hotel Delta Calgary downtown. This remarkable event brought together a diverse range of collaborators, including participants, members, partners, funders, and sponsors, who collectively contributed to its success.

The AGM was a platform to celebrate and reflect upon CIWA’s achievements, which exemplify our unwavering commitment to serving the community. Here are some noteworthy numbers that highlight our impact:

Number of Clients Served: 15,885 individuals from 148 countries, representing a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds. These clients collectively speak 135 languages, emphasizing CIWA’s dedication to linguistic diversity and inclusion.

Client Satisfaction: We are proud to share that an outstanding 92% of our clients highly recommend CIWA, showcasing their trust in our programs and services.

Diverse Program Offerings: With over 55 programs in our portfolio, CIWA provides comprehensive support to address the multifaceted needs of our clients. From education and employment initiatives to social integration and advocacy, we strive to empower individuals and foster their overall well-being.

Employment Program Success: The number of clients enrolled in our Employment Programs stands at an impressive 2,827, demonstrating our commitment to equipping individuals with the skills and resources necessary to thrive in the workforce.

Language Accessibility: CIWA takes pride in offering translation and interpretation services in an astounding 61 languages. This ensures effective communication and accessibility for clients from various linguistic backgrounds, facilitating their integration and participation in Canadian society.

Gerda R. Bloemraad Educational Scholarship

We are also thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to the deserving recipients of the Gerda R. Bloemraad Educational Scholarship at our 41st AGM. These two exceptional individuals have exhibited dedication, determination, and a passion for learning.

Through the scholarship program, each recipient has been awarded a grant of $2500. This financial support aims to empower and uplift our community members, enabling them to pursue their educational aspirations and unlock new opportunities.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all attendees, whose active participation and engagement contributed to the AGM’s success. Your votes and comments are of immense value to us as we collectively work towards our main goal, which is now set in motion. Together, we can bring about the positive changes and advancements that our community deserves.

As we move forward, CIWA remains steadfast in our commitment to serving the needs of newcomers and empowering them to thrive in their new homeland. With your continued support and partnership, we are confident that we can make a lasting impact in the lives of countless individuals

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A Special Thank You to Encore for sponsoring our Audio & Visual and to Delta for hosting our event CIWA's 41st Annual General Meeting: Such A Success CIWA's 41st Annual General Meeting: Such A Success