Meet Aarzo. She currently volunteers for CIWA’s Youth Mentorship Program.

Aarzo recently completed her third year of Kinesiology at University of Calgary and aspires to study medicine or physiotherapy in the future.  

Volunteering has the power to transform not only the lives of those being supported but also the lives of those who offer their time and expertise. A driven and compassionate young student found her calling in supporting immigrant youth through CIWA’s Youth Mentorship Program. Her experiences as a mentor have not only enriched the lives of her mentees but have also opened her eyes to the diverse challenges and perspectives faced by immigrant girls.

Her passion for empowering women and her desire to make a difference led her to discover CIWA in 2020. The organization’s commitment to supporting women appealed to her, and she saw the opportunity to contribute as a mentor to immigrant youth. Recognizing the importance of a strong community and the power of women supporting women, she felt honored to join CIWA and create a positive impact on the lives of others.

As Aarzo embarked on her journey as a mentor, she discovered the strong sense of self and community fostered within CIWA. Being able to uplift and guide her mentees allowed her to witness their growth firsthand. She humbly acknowledges that her mentees have become a constant source of inspiration, teaching her valuable lessons about resilience, determination, and the power of diverse perspectives. Through these interactions, her understanding of the world expanded, as she learned about the unique challenges immigrant girls face.

Being born and raised in Calgary, she recognizes that she may not have encountered the same barriers as her mentees. However, by actively listening and learning from their stories, she has broadened her horizons, deepened her empathy, and gained the appreciation for the resilience and strength of immigrant girls. Together, Aarzo and her mentees have worked towards achieving their goals, breaking down barriers and embracing new opportunities.

She acknowledges that being a mentor requires her to lead by example and model the values she imparts to her mentees. Through this journey, she has honed her leadership skills, understanding the importance of integrity and the power of actions in influencing positive change.

She has been a wonderful support to the Mentorship Program, Youth Forum and other events.  The staff and clients of CIWA deeply appreciate her unwavering support and commitment to empowering immigrant youth.

In addition to her role as a mentor, Aarzo is an individual with diverse passions. She finds solace in reading, exercising, and expressing her thoughts through poetry, especially when it comes to representing Afghani culture and advocating for women’s rights.