Meet Nahid. She is a volunteer with CIWA’s Tax Clinic, Modular Training Program, and March Volunteer of the Month.

Nahid Sharmin moved to Calgary with her husband and son in 2008. She holds a Master’s degree in Botany from Bangladesh. They lived in multiple locations across Alberta and eventually settled back in Calgary in 2018.

With a friend’s encouragement, Nahid started volunteering at CIWA’s Tax Clinic in 2019 after completing a tax course. Since then, she has also been providing support to the Modular Training Program by creating program schedules, and she had volunteered on a regular basis as reception support.

Nahid enjoys volunteering with CIWA because it provides her with a safe and comfortable experience. She has learned many things including how to support clients with diverse needs, understanding multiculturalism, learning about Canadian culture, and much more. Volunteering has provided her a space to learn new skills that she can incorporate into everyday life in Canada. She has also learned to acknowledge diverse communication styles, which helps her understand clients’ individual needs.

“Because of volunteering, I have become more confident, independent, and passionate.”

Naheed appreciates that while CIWA focuses on serving women, services are also offered to other genders. This has given an opportunity for her son to get involved in youth programming as well. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, gardening and cooking. She also enjoys a variety of sports such as badminton, swimming and jump rope. She likes learning new things and spending quality family time with her husband and son.

Thank you, Nahid, for selfless commitment to volunteering and supporting newcomer women at CIWA!

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