Jess Hadley


Jess is a lawyer and mediator with Forte Law. Born and raised in Calgary, she has 17 years’ experience practicing law in BC and Alberta. Her career accomplishments include: developing a province-wide poverty law program at a leading non-profit law office; representing hundreds of marginalized clients in cases affecting their income, housing, and access to essential services; and numerous test cases that held governments and businesses accountable to treat regular people fairly. She has a special passion for human rights law and for working to ensure everyone is included in the workplace regardless of their identity and background.

Jess currently supervises the Pro Bono Students Canada/Calgary Legal Guidance Human Rights Project, and volunteers for a variety of mentorship programs for young lawyers. She has also been volunteering on CIWA’s Human Rights Committee since summer 2021. She is a long-term Big Sister and a mother to a hilarious 5-year-old girl.

Jess grew up with a diverse, dynamic group of friends and classmates in Calgary and knows that inclusion benefits everyone. She is passionate about CIWA’s work to support immigrant women and families in our city.