Yevheniia, originally from Ukraine, moved to Calgary in April 2023 with her husband. Holding a Master’s in Law and Psychology and with a background as a lawyer and life coach, she plans to continue her life coaching career in Canada. Drawn to the services offered by CIWA, she decided to volunteer, providing valuable support to other immigrant women. She knew she had much to offer and was eager to equip and support other women encountering similar circumstances. She met CIWA staff at a Career Fair and was delighted to conduct online research to learn more about the organization.

Since early summer, Yevheniia has provided reception support on multiple floors at CIWA. In this role, she greets and directs walk-in clients, notifies staff when clients arrive, answers the phone, and supports staff with other tasks as assigned.

Staff appreciate Yevheniia’s keen support, high work ethic, and are extremely grateful for her interpretation support to Ukrainian or Russian-speaking clients. Additionally, Yevheniia volunteered at CIWA’s appointed concession stand at a local charity fundraiser. She was friendly and engaging with customers, bringing joy and vibrancy to the stand. She proudly spoke about CIWA and shared information with customers curious about the agency she represented. She is a true champion, representing CIWA well in all her volunteer roles. She was fueled by a desire to learn more about Canadian workplace culture, Canadian culture, and other aspects of society in Calgary.

Volunteering has proven to be an invaluable introduction to her new environment. Yevheniia shares that this experience has significantly boosted her confidence, reaffirming her belief in her capability to embrace and succeed in various new endeavors within Canada. She is thankful for all that she has learned and for the ways volunteering has opened doors for her. Yevheniia believes her volunteering journey showcases her ability to embrace new challenges, hoping it inspires others to also pursue their aspirations boldly.

She is not afraid to pursue new opportunities and enjoys learning and growing as an individual. Despite the challenges of leaving loved ones behind to settle in Canada, she embraces life with zest and openness, remaining true and loyal as a volunteer. She is tremendously encouraging towards others, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Staff laud her for her problem-solving abilities, punctuality, positive attitude, passion, and confidence. She is highly dedicated and willing to undertake extra tasks and step in as a substitute whenever necessary. Yevheniia is wonderfully supportive of clients and does all she can to best support them.

Yevheniia enjoys making handmade crafts, reading, learning, and traveling.