Shahitha Maideen has been working at CIWA for seven years. She started working as Team Lead of SMILES Childcare and later became the Childcare Training Pathway Program Coordinator.


I love meeting people from different parts of the world and knowing their unique cultures. I am always proud to see the successful integration of immigrant women into the Canadian society and workplace.

Shahitha moved to Canada with her husband and two children in 2010 from Kerala, a Southwestern coastal province of India, to pursue greater and diverse opportunities. Being an immigrant herself, she understands the hardships of her immigrant students and try her best to empower them to achieve their life goals.

Shahitha shares that uprooting a new life and moving to a new country is challenging. For example, landing that first job can be tough. Newcomers also face the disadvantage of being unfamiliar with the local job market and their academic credentials are sometimes overlooked. Many may also struggle with communicating professionally in a new language. Working at CIWA, a one-stop-shop providing services for immigrant in Calgary, gives Shahitha the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many immigrant women and contribute positvely to their settlement journey.


I feel happy and contented when I see my work is serving a greater purpose and we are facilitating positive results based on our jobs.

Shahitha believes kindness is the greatest virtue on earth. Kindness gives hope to those who think they are alone in this world, a situation that many of her multi-barriered clients experience.


Everyone we meet has a story to tell. You just need to open all your senses to listen to that story.”

Shahitha is proud to serve the community and make a difference while holding the values and beliefs. She is an active member of many literary groups in North America as well as in India.  She volunteers in the Advisory Board of Indo American Press Club, Alberta Chapter. Her first published book “Kanavukalude Ottathuruthu – The Island of Dreams” written in her first language, Malayalam, has won many literary awards and appreciations. Currently, she is working on the second book, a collection of poems.

Outside of work, Shahitha enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening and travel.

CIWA is grateful for Shahitha’s s commitment and dedication to support the organization’s mission and vision. 

To learn more about CIWA’s Childcare Training Pathway for Immigrant Women Program, click here.