Jiayan was born and raised in China. With a master’s degree in education and experience as a Project Analyst, she moved to Canada in 2022 eager to expand her horizons and make a meaningful impact in her new community.

Since 2023, Jiayan has been a dedicated volunteer with CIWA, providing essential reception support and playing a key role in the Family Reunification and Resiliency Support Program (FamJam). Her responsibilities include handling administrative tasks, following up with clients, and supporting workshops. Her dedication shines through in her everyday interactions.


As an active volunteer at CIWA and other organizations in the community, Jiayan thrives on connecting with people, learning new skills, supporting vulnerable individuals, and discovering new interests.

“It’s incredible to see the positive impact of my efforts, whether it’s helping individuals in need or supporting community initiatives.”

When asked why she loves volunteering, Jiayan reflected, “Volunteering brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose to life. It is a journey of self-improvement, experience, and growth. It is leading me to the best version of myself.” She added, “Volunteering greatly facilitates my transition to a new country. It is a good experience where I can collaborate with like-minded people, leverage our expertise to empower others.”

Jiayan acknowledges that volunteering promotes gender equality and fosters inclusion. “It’s the pathway for growth and learning, a way for self-discovery, and an opportunity to brush up on skills and explore new areas of interest,” she said. “The insights and lessons learned enrich my moral compass and life.”

Through volunteering, Jiayan has gained a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, norms, and perspectives. It has reinforced the importance of honoring others and has boosted her self-confidence, opening doors to new career opportunities she never imagined.

Staff praise Jiayan for her empathetic spirit, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity. “She is adaptable, flexible, and able to adjust to changing circumstances or needs, ensuring she can effectively navigate various situations and tasks,” they said.


Jiayan selflessly dedicates her time to providing sincere support, guidance, and insights. Her welcoming demeanor and authentic desire to help create a nurturing environment where newcomers feel supported, empowered, and valued.”

Jiayan’s unwavering empathy and cultural sensitivity create a welcoming and inclusive space where newcomers feel valued and supported. Her remarkable contributions demonstrate the transformative power of compassion and understanding in helping newcomers thrive in their new environment.

In her free time, Jiayan enjoys hiking, volunteering with other organizations, gathering with family and friends, and working out at the gym.

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