Huma has worked in various roles at CIWA since 2016. She started working as a childcare worker. Later, she became a Practicum Supervisor for the Level up early childhood program, and in 2020, she worked as a home visitor. Since May 2021, Huma has been working as a Settlement Counsellor at the Settlement & Integration Department.

Huma is from Pakistan where she worked as a professor. Her journey with CIWA began when she moved to Canada in 2015 and was looking for employment opportunities. She came across CIWA while applying for different jobs on Indeed. She was drawn to CIWA’s mission of providing services that inspire women to become more confident and proactive. Being an immigrant herself, Huma feels deep empathy towards immigrant women and thrives in being able to provide support with their settlement and integration. She enjoys being immersed in diversity and loves learning about different cultures.

 “Finding a job that you love to do and passionate about, and enables you to leverage your skills and knowledge to contribute to society can be an incredibly fulfilling experience .”

Huma shares that starting a new life in a foreign country can be an overwhelming experience. It involves leaving behind our land, home, friends and parents, packing all our life souvenirs in few suitcases, and stepping into a new environment with different cultures, languages, and traditions. She is thankful that her experience at CIWA has shown her that it is possible to not only survive but also thrive in a new country.


 “CIWA is a place where you can develop your dreams and show your skills, while working and having fun. At CIWA, you’ll not only have the opportunity to grow professionally, but also build your skills, expand your horizons, and make lifelong connections.”

For Huma, the most important aspect of CIWA’s work is its ability to connect newcomers with the right people and organizations that can help and advise them. She believes that a simple encouraging word can mean a lot to newcomers and with the right support and guidance, they can thrive in their new home. As a settlement counselor, Huma is proud to see the transition of newcomers into the Canadian society and workforce using their unique skillset, education, and work experience.

Apart from her work at CIWA, Huma enjoys going for walks, shopping, and cooking. She speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi and loves to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Huma’s journey with CIWA has been a rewarding experience that has allowed her to make a positive impact in the lives of many newcomer families.

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