Fatima, originally from Morocco, moved to Calgary in 2022 with her teenage children, reuniting happily with her husband who had moved there 3 years prior. In Morocco, Fatima had a career as a Pharmacy Technician and dedicated herself to being a stay-at-home mom.

Fatima was introduced to CIWA through a friend who was already a client. This friend recommended the organization to her, and she soon discovered the possibilities of volunteering. Eager to invest her time in meaningful ways, she hoped to integrate better into Canadian society, learn about Canadian culture, and improve her conversational English.

Since early 2022, Fatima has been an invaluable volunteer with one of the craft groups, dedicating her Monday mornings to making cards and small felt animals. She played a crucial role in supporting CIWA’s Craft Sales and even introduced her daughter as a new volunteer through this event. On a last-minute request, she volunteered with CIWA’s concession stand at a local charity fundraiser. Despite initial nervousness, she showed up with a calm demeanor, radiating joy and making a significant impact on the team that day. Her presence brings an incredible sense of peace and warmth to the spaces she occupies, and CIWA has greatly benefited from her volunteerism.

She says that volunteering has helped her in different ways. She has forged friendships, enjoys collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds, deepened her knowledge of Calgary, and honed her communication skills. Through volunteering, she has been able to discern what’s true or false about Canada and life in Canada. Volunteering has unlocked doors of opportunity and eased her transition into her new life.

Volunteering is the highlight of her week, and she always looks forward to the weekend being over so that she can join her group of friends, make crafts, and know that what she’s doing makes a difference.


She enthusiastically shares, “Volunteering is a source of happiness and a second home.”

Fatima takes pride in volunteering at an organization that operates with open arms. She values CIWA’s diverse services that empower women to lead better lives and offer enriching experiences. Fatima said the encouragement and support received from staff have boosted her confidence, and she’s less nervous to find other opportunities as she continues to settle in Calgary.

Because of her passion for the craft group, she has been amazing at recruiting other volunteers for the group. CIWA’s staff laud her for her diligence, high-quality work, and willingness to sign up for special events. She is known for her punctuality, reliability, dedication, eagerness to learn, and whole-hearted commitment to everything she undertakes.

When she’s not volunteering, Fatima enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending quality time with her family.