Meet Benia. She is a client in our Child Development Worker Training for Immigrant Women program.

Benia immigrated to Canada from Poland to be with her husband 8 years ago. She believes that it is important, as an immigrant, to educate herself on Indigenous history as it is a key part of Canadian culture, history, and politics.

“I am very passionate about Indigenous art and history… and about diversity altogether… and passionate about children too.”
Benia is tremendously proud of how much she has accomplished in Canada, despite the difficulty of adjusting to a new country. The biggest challenge for her upon first immigrating to Canada was not having a network of friends and family. As a highly sociable person, she found it difficult to be without a social circle in a new environment. However, she was able to overcome this by volunteering and utilizing services such as the Child Development Worker Training for Immigrant Women program where she was able to make lots of new friends.

Benia has a background in child development and took this program to further her career working with children. She believes that she gained the most value from this program through its focus on written English. Although she was able to write in English before, the program helped her to become more confident in her English writing skills.

“English writing is not a barrier for me anymore”
Additionally, Benia found that the child development psychology part of the program has been extremely beneficial for her and she will definitely bring the knowledge and skills learned from this program into her future work and career.
“I learned a lot about development issues, how to play, implicate the knowledge you gain, and how to put it in practice”

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