#ciwayouthforum was a blast!

We are immensely grateful for the support of the Youth Forum Committee and speakers, CIWA Board, staff and volunteers, Day One Media, and our funder, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada!!

Thank you for helping us create a memorable event for the mentees and mentors of CIWA’s Youth Mentorship Program!

Watch the Youth Forum recording! Play the video below or click here watch via Facebook!

Get your copy of  the Youth Forum Publication!

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of Daughters Day Awards!! 

Daughters Day Awards celebrate the lives, contributions and achievements of daughters based on an appreciation of gender equity in our society. 

Big thanks to the Daughters Day Awards sponsors this year: Gerda R. Bloemraad, Shirley Turnbull, Jivanya Reddy, and The Calgary Bridge Foundation for the Youth. 

Click here to watch Youth Forum 2022

Thank you, Day One Media, for producing our first livestreamed event!

Click here to watch Youth Forum 2022

The wonderful people behind the Youth Forum 2022:

Click here to watch Youth Forum 2022