Inspiring Stories of 2023 Yvonne Nhan Scholarship Recipients

5 Jan, 2024
Inspiring Stories of 2023 Yvonne Nhan Scholarship Recipients

We are delighted to extend our congratulations and showcase the compelling narratives of the six exceptional women who have earned the 2023 Yvonne Nhan Scholarship. Originating from various backgrounds and cultural settings, these women unite through their unwavering determination, resilience, and a commitment to creating a positive impact in their respective fields. Below, we present their extraordinary journeys:

1. Adijat Olayemi Ajayi is an immigrant that relocated to Canada from Nigeria in 2022. She is a professional with 7+ years of diverse experience in the Education and Service industries serving in roles such as administrative assistant and customer experience associate. As a mother of a 3-month-old, she is working with CIWA with a goal of becoming a Certified Professional Accountant working in a consulting capacity providing guidance to clients on financial matters.

2. Andrea Martel at 33 years old,  immigrated from Mexico, where she had completed a four-year degree in Business Administration and worked as an Invoicing Analyst for FedEx. She moved to Canada in 2016, marrying a year later. Unable to work or study until receiving her Permanent Residency in 2019, she volunteered with various organizations, including the Food Bank and Boys and Girls Club in Edmonton. This experience helped her secure a position at TD Bank as a Customer Service Representative. After two years, she left her job to care for her prematurely born son, who underwent extensive medical treatment. Seeking a flexible career to balance family needs and professional growth, she discovered a passion for Real Estate. Moving to Calgary, she connected with CIWA, which supported her career development, leading her to enroll in Real Estate courses to become a Licensed Realtor.

3. Fatema Tuz Zohora holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from National University Bangladesh and has experience teaching at the elementary level, from kindergarten to 5th grade. She aspires to become an elementary school teacher in Canada and plans to pursue a Bachelor of Education program by September 2024. Fatema is keen to apply her extensive experience in curriculum development, individualized instruction, and student engagement within the Canadian context, aiming to enhance the educational experiences of young learners. She is motivated to inspire the next generation to confidently overcome academic challenges.

4. Saluwa Nansimbi is a dedicated and compassionate medical professional hailing from Uganda. With a career spanning various healthcare roles, including Medical Office Assistant and Medical Officer, Saluwa has consistently demonstrated her exceptional patient care skills and dedication to the medical field. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from Ningbo University in China, where she honed her medical expertise. Her experience encompasses patient clerkship, medical investigations, and management of diverse medical conditions across specialties. Beyond her clinical work, Saluwa has a passion for education, having served as an English language teacher in Ningbo, China. Her strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and proficiency in multiple languages, including English, Luganda, and Chinese further enrich her professional profile. Saluwa’s commitment to excellence in medicine and her unwavering dedication to patient well-being make her a valuable asset to any healthcare team.

5. Sarra Laslami is a newcomer from Morocco who embarked on a new chapter by immigrating to Canada in September 2022. She has brought a wealth of expertise with her Master’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing and her previous experiences as an accountant. With a strong commitment to professional growth, she is currently immersed in a journey of continuous learning, balancing English and accounting courses as she aspires to elevate her career to the esteemed status of a chartered accountant.

6. Dana Joudi is a dedicated teacher and mother of four children, grew up in Lebanon, worked as a teacher in Qatar for 10 years and moved to Canada in 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Translation and Master of Education. She completed her training program in Interpretation and Translation at CIWA and graduated in September 2023. She is working as a freelance interpreter and translator to help people communicate effectively. She always feels that she wants to go back to the field of education. She made the decision to return to school and pursue a career as a certified teacher in Canada. Currently, she is completing several courses to fulfill the requirements for certification as a teacher in Canada. She is excited to continue her education and eventually become a certified teacher, where she can make a positive impact on the lives of her students.

These women’s stories showcase the strength, determination, and resilience of young mothers as they navigate various challenges and pursue their goals. It brings us immense pride to contribute to their aspirations through the Yvonne Nhan Scholarship, providing the financial support for their educational journey towards career growth and professional success in Canada. Heartfelt congratulations to these remarkable individuals!