Meet Sheree Lyn. She is a volunteer with CIWA’s Food Service Training and October’s Volunteer of the Month.

Sheree Lyn Millado is originally from the Philippines. Prior to moving to Calgary in 2014, she lived and worked in Afghanistan for 4 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and a Diploma in Community Development. She is currently employed in the food service industry in Calgary.

Sheree Lyn learned of CIWA when she first arrived in Canada. She was immediately interested in volunteering but could not pursue because of her varying work schedule at the time. In 2020, she finally seized the opportunity to volunteer. She shares that the day she became a volunteer, a dream of hers was realized.

“CIWA clients and staff have become family and friends to me.”

Sheree Lyn volunteers with the Food Service Training program. She provides online class support and conducts phone and virtual interviews with CIWA clients. By doing so, she shares a breadth of knowledge that helps clients learn more about Canadian workplace. On top of this, she has been able to provide CIWA clients with a virtual tour of the restaurant she manages. Through this, students get a chance to see the actual operation in the workplace.

Sheree Lyn is grateful to CIWA staff for providing her the opportunity to learn and grow. Volunteering has taught her many things that she can use in her professional and personal life. She adds that volunteering helps her step out of her comfort zone and has boosted her confidence

Sheree Lyn provides exceptional service in assisting clients and supporting them to be better workers in Canada. Her love and passion of volunteering overflows from her as she shared her experiences with CIWA. She is incredibly client centric and understands the value of supporting them and meeting their needs. Sheree Lyn considers it an honour to be able to share her experiences and knowledge on customer service with clients that help them settle in Canada and obtain meaningful employment.

Sheree Lyn enjoys helping clients overcome any communication barriers they may face. She also enjoys learning about and understanding other cultures. She says the diversity of people makes the volunteer role interesting. She understands the need to go slow and patiently listen to what people need.

CIWA staff recognize Sheree Lyn’s commitment in helping newcomers. She excels in helping clients improve their skills, specifically work-related skills, such as customer service and food handling skills. She has strong initiative and teamwork skills in doing class activities either in individual or group presentation. She truly enriches CIWA students’ Food Service training experience!

When she is not working or volunteering, Sheree Lyn enjoys cooking, meeting other people and supporting them as necessary. She looks forward to being able to travel again in the future.

Thank you, Sheree Lyn, for your selfless commitment to volunteering and supporting newcomer women at CIWA!

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