Yan Cheng and her family moved to Calgary in early 2020 from China, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Pharmacology and a Master’s in Business  Administration. Upon coming to Calgary, she earned a Certificate as Community Support Worker and completed CIWA’s Labour Market Bridging for Volunteers: Interpretation and Translation Program. Yan is passionate in psychology and marketing and aims to find work that combines the both.

“I was touched by CIWA and wanted to volunteer as a way to give back to an organization that gave me so much. I receive far more from my volunteer roles than what I give.” 

Yan came to CIWA as a client and received supportive services that helped her and her family’s transition in a new country. Since completing the Interpretation and Translation training, Yan has been providing diligent and committed interpretation support to clients at a variety of appointments at CIWA, social services, doctor, legal, to name a few. She currently volunteers as support to CIWA’s Mind and Body Mindfulness Workshops. She is responsible for preparing the space for sessions, welcoming the group participants, and interpretation support, and other workshop duties.

She enjoys learning from clients and is proud to listen to their stories. In addition, she likes the added bonus that volunteering will help her in her future career goals.

“Through volunteerism, I learn meaningful and applicable skills and resources. Volunteering will help me in my future career goals.”  

Yan’s love of volunteering shines through in all she does. She is highly intuitive and jumps right in to support as naturally and flawlessly as possible. Staff applaud her exceptional organizational skills, attention to details, and her follow through on completing things as necessary. Yan has a warm spirit and places absolute respect on clients which creates a safe space of learning and growth.

Yan is truly dedicated. Considering the responsibilities of her personal life, she always shows up with full of excitement and energy. Staff and clients value her professionalism and excellence she brings to the space. She is an inspiration, and her volunteerism has made a great impact on the lives of those she has met.

Yan keeps herself busy by volunteering and learning as much as she can, spending time with her family, public speaking, reading psychological books, and working out at the gym.

To learn more about volunteering at CIWA, visit https://ciwa-online.com/newcomer-services/settlement/volunteer-program/.