Meet Umi. She is a CIWA volunteer with the Volunteer Program and is the Volunteer of the Month for June.

Umi Latifah was born and raised in Indonesia where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and, prior to moving to Canada in 2018, she taught pre-school and elementary school. Umi and her husband lived in Labrador City for almost a year before relocating to Calgary in 2019.

Umi was scrolling on Facebook when she saw an advertisement for CIWA, which prompted her to visit CIWA’s website to learn about the organization. Umi was excited to find a place that offered a diverse number of potential services for herself. Umi began her journey with CIWA as a walk-in client where she learned the importance of volunteerism in Canada and began actively searching for volunteer opportunities at CIWA and elsewhere.

Umi supports the 3rd floor reception as an assistant and also volunteers with the Volunteer Program by updating files, completing paperwork with new volunteers, making phone calls, providing interpretation support to clients, and more.

“Volunteering has taught me many things. I am lucky to have these experiences which enable me to learn and grow as a person.”
At CIWA, Umi has learned about Canadian workplace culture, how to support clients, office administrative skills, and more—all skills that will help her become successful in her dream job. Umi loves being in a multicultural environment and learning about the array of experiences that CIWA’s clients bring with them. Before volunteering, Umi felt isolated while adjusting to this new country but volunteering has helped her to feel more connected with the community.
“I enjoy volunteering because it gives me a sense of purpose. Being able to help people is an awesome feeling. I really love the feeling of helping others and making their day better.”
Umi has shown unending commitment towards CIWA’s vision and mission. She embodies what it means to be committed and true to her word. She is always enthusiastic, professional, and never hesitates to take initiative. Staff acknowledge and praise her for her excellent service to clients and she is a proven ‘backbone’ to the third floor reception desk. She is also a ‘go-to’ volunteer, even for last minute requests. Umi has purity of heart that includes sensitivity to the needs of clients and staff alike. Her dependability makes her well-liked by staff and many staff members wish to recruit her as a volunteer for their program.
“I would like to acknowledge how incredibly supportive, kind, and thankful CIWA staff have been towards me. I appreciate the extensive ways CIWA supports clients in nearly every aspect of their lives.”

Umi is a brilliant person and a fast learner that follows instructions. It is an honour to be around her as she is always cheerful and friendly. She is extremely personable, treating fellow volunteers with courtesy and respect. She ensures her tasks are carried out in a timely fashion, including all required record keeping. She offers positive feedback and sound solutions to CIWA’s complex environment. As an added bonus, she enjoys providing delicious snacks to CIWA staff and volunteers! When she is not volunteering, Umi enjoys exercising and playing games.

Congratulations Umi on being Volunteer of the Month for June 2020!

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