Meet Taylor. She is a Youth Counsellor for the Immigrant Girls, Boys and More Program in CIWA’s Family Resource Network.

Taylor moved to Calgary from the United States in 2017. She started volunteering with CIWA, where she assisted with different programs in the youth collaborative and was hired as a Youth Facilitator in 2019.

“The thing I like most about working at CIWA is having the chance to make an impact in the lives of newcomer youth. Having moved to 3 new countries in my adult life, I understand the challenges surrounding settlement and integration and I enjoy being a friend and a support to youth as they navigate those challenges.”
Taylor believes the biggest barrier immigrant women are facing currently are the mental health concerns and challenges that come from integrating into Canadian culture and society. The most common barriers she sees with the youth range from self-esteem concerns, to challenges in making new friends, to intergenerational conflicts at home.

CIWA’s youth collaborative offers a wide range of free programs, services and counselling supports to youth in order to work towards breaking down some of these barriers. Our programs strive towards creating spaces where youth can meet friends, get connected with resources, learn skills, and have fun.

“I have loved creating safe spaces for youth to get together, make friends, build confidence, and work towards making Canada home.”

In the summer, Taylor spends a lot of time in the mountains camping, fishing and hiking. She has spent the majority of the past seven years backpacking and teaching English abroad. When at home, she enjoys baking, reading, or spending time with friends.

To learn more about our Immigrant Girls, Boys and More Program, click here.